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You’re a marketer or Hubspot agency specializing in inbound marketing.

What would it mean to you if your sales strategy, execution and conversion was as good as your inbound marketing?

What Sales Optimization & Conversion Can Mean to You...

And how it can Double or Triple Your Sales Results in Growing Existing Business with Current Customers, and in Winning New Business with Prospects and Leads.

For Inbound & Content Marketers:

  • Double or Triple Your Leads to Sales Conversions
  • Learn to Sell on Performance Versus Promises
  • Increase Revenues & Pofitability Exponentially
  • Improve Sales Results on Every Opportunity
  • Use Leveraged Consultative Selling to Understand Clients
  • Win New Business Using Offers They Can’t Refuse
  • Use Your Content to drive Conversions

For Inbound Agencies:

  • Reduce or Eliminate Client Cancellations.
  • Learn How to Grow & Measure Client Retainer Commitments
  • Understand, Communicate & Solve Client Sales Issues
  • Effortlessly Create & Sell Upsells & Cross Sells to Clients
  • Qualify Clients Better to Leverage Your Time
  • Safely Guarantee Client Satisfaction & Growth
  • Double New Business by Maximizing Referrals

Optmize Your Sales Results

Free sales optimization content to help you understand and use the rules of the consultative selling methodology.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have learned more about how to improve our clients and our own sales results from Jack Carroll in the last two months than we had from all other “sales experts” sources in the last two years.  His sales optimization and conversion workshops and services for Inbound are awesome… and I do not use the term loosely.”

Bob Ruffolo
CEO, IMPACT Branding & Design

"Jack Carroll is a master of the art of sales and selling.   I have been both an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist, and have used his skills to help make my companies successful.  He is directly responsible for the success of companies I've started and many of the companies in which I've invested.”

Nat Goldhaber
Managing Director, Claremont Creek Ventures

"I was a young CEO taking the reins of a private  equity funded acquisition and merger of two service equity funded acquisition and merger of two service  companies both in trouble through mishandling.  Jack quickly helped diagnose the revenue situation.  He helped us to simplify our strategy and streamline  our  execution. For what he does, you don't get any  better than Jack Carroll”

John Lopez-Ona
CEO, Six Sigma Qualtec, Founder, Anvil Capital

"If you are running a company and looking to  transform your sales performance or culture,  there is no better person you could turn to than  Jack Carroll. He is the best of the best and my  number one touch point in all matters related to  sales force effectiveness.”

Jonathan Weiner
Managing Partner at BPM Wave Intl. AG

Find out how you can improve results through better sales conversion that compliments your inbound & content marketing.

Our Services That Solve Your Sales Conversion Issues & Problems


  • Double Sales Conversion
  • Qualify Faster
  • Uncover New Opportunities
  • Communicate Irresistible Offers
  • Sell Value & ROI
  • Gain Commitment & Close
  • Grow Revenues Exponetially
  • Sell Performance vs Promises

Client Companies Served:

About Jack Carroll

Jack Carroll brings more than 30 years of strategic hands-on sales optimization experience to the amazing field of Inbound & Content Marketing. The last 25 years have been dedicated to technology and business to business (B2B) consultative selling. He is a dynamic strategist, teacher, and motivator who has directly mentored and coached over 7,000 people. He has been retained by more than 105 companies, to help them improve revenue generation and profitability through better sales strategy and performance improvement.

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