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About.com. Guide to e-mail.

Everything E-mail. Teaching that e-mail is much more than sending a message.

Stratix Marketing Math. Moving beyond damage control: using email to enhance the customer relationship and add value.

Imaginary Landscape. E-mail netiquette.

123 Promote Optimized E-mail. E-mail formatting strategies and suggestions for use: autoresponders, customer relationship management, newsletters, etc.

How To Get More Mileage Out of E-mail. An excellent resource for understanding the basics and some of the intermediate tricks of e-mail.

Overtheweb. List, e-mail, and relationship management.



Silverquick. Automated e-mail service.

Message Media. Personalized e-mail list management software and services.



Al Bredenberg. E-mail list source.

CNET. How to set up and run your own Internet mailing list.

Yes Mail. Opt-in e-mail lists.

Postmaster Direct. Opti-in e-mail list rentals.


E-mail Selling

Al Bredenberg. Advertising by e-mail without raising hackles.

Intrepid Marketing. E-mail marketing tips and smarts.

Jonathan Mizel. The responsible way to market with e-mail.

Wilson Internet Services. Responsible e-mail marketing.

JCR Design. The campaign to stop junk e-mail.


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