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Searching for sales information Note: The links in this category are no longer maintained for quality and accuracy, and this page is no longer linked to the rest of the SalesLinks site. It remains on the server in the hope that someone might find it useful. For more links (ones that are actively verified), see the SalesLinks links page.


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people & e-mail
specialty search
the big six

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Links last verified 18-Aug-99.

CNET's Search Engine Shootout. Top engines compared.

Scout Toolkit. Searchable indexes, subject catalogs, annotated directories, subject guides, and specialized directories explained.

Search Engine Watch. User guide to search engines.



All In One Search Page. A compilation of various forms-based search tools.

Dogpile. Multi-search engine. Searches logically through 10 search engines until 10 matches are found.

Microsoft All in One. Pick your search engine by category.

Metacrawler. Search through multiple search crawlers at once.

Copernic. Simultaneously searches 33 engines.

Savvy Search. Query multiple Internet search engines simultaneously.


People & E-mail

Big Foot. Largest collection of e-mail addresses on the net.

People Search. Hunting for e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

WhoWhere. The way to find people on the web.

Yahoo People Search. Yahoo takes over

555-1212. Businesses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and a web site directory.


Specialty search

DejaNews. Searching Usenet.

Northern Light. Premium search materials in addition to everything on the web.


The Big Six

Alta Vista. Allows advanced searches using Boolean logic.'ll need to know Boolean logic to be successful.

Excite. Now has a start page customized for you, but they should have improved their engine instead.

HotBot. Scientific studies have found that HotBot's database covers 1/3 of the web, more than any other search engine.

Infoseek. Is known for returning the most relevant pages.

Lycos. Lycos is said to cover less of the web than any of the major search engines, but its "Top 5%" reviews of web sites are very valuable.

Yahoo. The best known search engine isn't a search engine at all but a directory. Yahoo is now downplaying its function as a catalog of the web in favor of more lucrative opportunities like chat and e-mail.


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