Sales philosophy

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Selling Is... A poem.

Scott Peck. "I am a salesperson."

Deanna Barr. Top 10 myths about selling.

High Probability Selling. A web site based on the book of the same name.

Tony Alessandra. Collaborative selling.

Mack Hanan. Sales Shock: The End of Selling Products and the Rise of Co-Managing Customers.

Sharon Drew Morgan. Sell with integrity.

Peppers & Rogers Group. Basic principles of one-to-one marketing.

Forum Corporation. The customer-driven sales organization. What it looks like.

Geoffrey Moore, the Chasm Group. The deepest thinker on high-technology selling and marketing and some of his deepest thoughts.

Jacques Werth. High probability selling: stop wasting time with prospects who won't buy and find the ones who will.


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