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Alan J. Zell. Trade associations. Are they for you?

National Association of Sales Professionals. Books, tapes, networking, resources.

Sales & Marketing Executives, Intl. Sales news, events, publications, journals, magazines, articles, etc.

American Management Association. The world's leading membership-based development and training organization.

Strategic Account Management Association. Membership information, white papers, and specialized information for sale.

Canadian Professional Sales Association. Information about membership and a vast resource center.


Conferences & Exhibits

DCI's Sales Force Automation. World's largest conference on sales automation.

Internet World. World's largest exhibits and conferences on Internet life.

Trade Show News Network. Find a trade show in your industry.


Books, Tapes, Posters, Etc. Books on Sales and Selling. Categories include general, management, techniques, and telemarketing, and books are conveniently ranked in order of popularity.

Amacom Bookstore. 27 titles in sales and sales management.

High Probability Selling. A reinvented sales process.

Dartnell Corp. Books and tapes from one of the oldest and most committed sales and selling publishers.

Selling Power Magazine. Books, tapes, posters, and more.

Successories. Products to create an atmosphere that inspires a positive attitude and helps people to succeed.

Achievement Tape Library. Hundreds of authors, works, and titles with an excellent tabled index.

Nightingale-Conant Interactive. Tapes and books on all important subjects of sales and self development. Earl Nightingale was one of the giants.

Selling Power Magazine. Sales training books you won't find anywhere else.

OpAmp Books. 70+ sales titles.



Salestoolz Software. Some of the most sophisticated and impressive specialty sales software on the market. Demos and live ammo.

Download Warehouse. Thousands of business titles. Strong in the sales category. Do a search.

PresentationPro. Background templates for PowerPoint and presentation/multimedia creation services.

ZDNet Downloads. Shareware and titles on every subject from the web leader in publishing and information products. Software from CNET. Thousands of shareware titles.


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