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Jay Conrad Levinson. Guerrilla Marketing with Technology. Easy to use, low cost technology for small business and sales.


Sales Force Automation

Front Line Solutions. Services helping clients select, justify, and deploy sales, marketing, and service automation.

Database Marketing. To promote database marketing on the web.

Supersharged sell (Inc. Online). Good background; an SFA curve that predicts "unassisted selling" by the year 2004.\

Phillip Britt (CRM Magazine). Get to know your customers better with CRM analytics software.

Sell More Now/Denali Group. Rich Bohn's professional evaluations of SFA and CRM software on the market..

DCI. Information about the leading company in high-technology education, trade shows, and management consulting.

Tom Minero. How to create a successful SFA training program.

Resource Group. Handheld PC's in SFA.

Resource Group. Independent software reviews of SFA products.



Bob Thompson. CRM mid-market package comparisons; seven steps to pick the right CRM solution.

PlaceWare. Enables the delivery of sales presentations and meetings over the web to anyone no matter where they may be located.

Quikquote. Software that makes it fast and easy to generate customized sales quotations.

Faxback. Fax on demand. Faxback. Fax/e-mail integration.

Resource Group. Important industry articles.

Alpar. Software tools to increase productivity of business and salespeople.

Virtual Plus. Officenet allows you to collect all your messages—e-mail, voicemail, faxes, web messages, and phone messages—from one in-box.


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