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Speaking, Training, and Consulting Services in Major Account Selling for Technology Companies

Keynote Speaking

Major Account Selling Workshop

Two Day Private Sales Training Seminar

Keynote speaking

Jack Carroll is an authority on major account selling in technology companies. He is also a powerful and inspiring public speaker who educates, motivates, and heartens any group of business people with his personal and engaging speaking style. He is available for any private or public event where you want your audience to be informed and moved to action through the subject medium of major account selling.

Cost: Call or e-mail Amanda Hooper, 888-773-9712 or


Major Account Selling Workshop

Service Overview: Mr. Carroll facilitates an interactive discussion with company major account selling personnel in order to understand current company opportunities and methods. The Mentor major account sales and marketing models are presented after which potential company sales strategies and actions are discussed and developed. The workshop features advance preparation, which includes reviewing company marketing or business planning documents and customizing approaches, content, and solutions based on that information.

Participants: Major accounts managers and team (sales, marketing, and customer service)

Objectives: Understand company sales and marketing logistics and strategy and make positive, winning recommendations regarding major account strategy and processes.

Deliverables: Strategy and action write up for one major account

Time: 4 to 6 hours

Cost: Call or write Amanda Hooper, 888-773-9712 or


Two Day Private Sales Training Seminar

Service Overview: This seminar teaches the Mentor major accounts marketing, sales, and customer service methodology in depth via lectures, group discussions, and exercises. It covers market and customer backgrounds, sales segmentation, value chains and value propositions, team selling strategy and methods, understanding buying influences, customer problems and issues, process management, and other major account skills training as needed.

Participants: Senior company management (optional); sales, marketing, and customer service executives (optional); major accounts managers and team (sales, marketing, and customer service)


  • Team functioning and methodology
  • Customer definition and targeting
  • Customer value models
  • Setting and following sales strategies
  • Selling, managing, and developing major account models
  • Use of appropriate tools and resources
  • Sales process engineering
  • Qualifying major account opportunities
  • Engaging a new major account
  • 4 I's questioning process
  • People analysis and tracking
  • Sales differentiators
  • Collaborative selling with customer teams
  • Implementation strategies

Objectives: Learn and adopt a complete, synergistic system in major account selling, management, and development

Deliverables: Written sales strategy and action plan by each sales participant

Time: 2 days

Cost: Call or write Amanda Hooper, 888-773-9712 or



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