Advanced Sales Training Events Conducted On Site

Choose a sales learning program based on the needs of your people. Or construct your own program from 26 different business-to-business selling topics in these five major categories of personal and sales skills development:


Personal Development (4 topics)
  1. The Magic 14 skills and habits
  2. Setting and managing sales goals and objectives
  3. Time and territory management
  4. Using technology to manage yourself
Sales Knowledge is Selling Power (7)
  1. Understanding customer problems and issues
  2. Understanding the people involved in your sale
  3. Adding value to your sale
  4. Your Unique Selling Propositions
  5. Key questioning of sales prospects
  6. Telling stories and using case histories
  7. Essentials of sales qualification—PPT&B
Fundamental selling skills and techniques (8)
  1. Pre-call planning
  2. Prospecting and cold calling
  3. Questions and probes
  4. Presenting solutions
  5. Commitment and closing
  6. Answering objections
  7. Getting referrals
  8. Hall of Fame sales skills and techniques
Advanced Sales Workshops (5)
  1. Major account selling
  2. Consultative selling
  3. Account management and development
  4. Sales process management
  5. Sales negotiation
Managers Only (2)
  1. Fundamentals of sales management
  2. Advanced leadership for sales

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