Jack Carroll's Biography

Jack Carroll is the founder and principal of Mentor Associates, Inc., and SalesLinks, Inc. Mr. Carroll brings more than 25 years of strategic sales management experience to consulting and training assignments. The last fifteen of those years have been dedicated to the computer and high-tech marketplaces. He was Vice President of Sales of three computer industry successes in the early 1980's: Kaypro Corporation, The TOPS Network, and Voyager Development, as well as other senior executive positions. He is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and motivator who has directly mentored over 5000 people during his career as a sales strategist and teacher.

Since 1987, under the banner of Mentor Associates, Mr. Carroll has served a wide variety of computer and technology companies, and has designed and worked with programs in 50+ high technology companies, implementing major account selling programs in more than half of them. Clients range from start-ups to some of the most successful, high profile companies in the industry. Notable among client companies are:

  • Ziff Davis Publishing (9 operating companies)
  • DCA (Attachmate)
  • Bell Atlantic
  • Alpha Software
  • On Technology
  • Borland International
  • Hewlett Packard (Colorado Memory)
  • Symantec Intl. (Central Point)
  • Timeslips Corporation
  • Clear Software
  • Bendata Help Desk Software
  • Help Desk Institute
  • Software Developer?s Company
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Shiva Corporation
  • Network Associates
  • Many others

In addition, Mr. Carroll has worked with and advised three different venture capital organizations regarding sales issues in their portfolio companies and served 21 start up and second stage companies in the computer and high-technology industries.

Jack Carroll:


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