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Where is your ship leaking?

What's a sales leak? It's a glitch or piece of your sales process that isn't firing on all cylinders. And is costing you lost sales revenue. Here are some common sales leaks in companies such as yours:

  • Not communicating regularly and for extended periods of time with new business prospects of your products—aka "failing to engineer your sales process."
  • Not optimizing sales strategy and sales operations plans for trade shows. (It's not like field sales!)
  • Not protecting your major accounts against competitive attack
  • Focusing sales strategy on new business with new customers instead of your existing base of customers—aka "taking existing customers for granted."
  • Wasting time and money on unqualified new business opportunities
  • Failing to profile customers and stratify or segment sales opportunities and activity based on those profiles
  • 14 more sales leaks are covered in our "Sales Situation Assessment" for new clients

May we help you with sales optimization?

Can we help you with any aspect of a keynote speech, strategy, or training in your company? Ask us for our recommendations or a needs analysis—no cost or obligation. Contact Amanda Hooper of Mentor Associates at 888-773-9712 or for more information.



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