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Jan 4-17, 1999

Happy New Year? It's Up to You

jack carrollby Jack Carroll

Ok, gang. It's New Year's resolution time. A time for new beginnings. And that's true whether you've been at the top of the board throughout 1998 or are still struggling every month to accomplish sales quota and make financial ends meet. 1999 presents a clean slate on which to write your sales destiny—for better or worse.

Here is a short list of 5 important questions to reflect on and use for planning for success in your year.

  1. What are your quantifiable (numbers) personal and business sales goals for 1999? This question should be number one on everyone's list since everything else comes out of it.
  2. What will you do differently this year to practically guarantee your success? If you do the same things over again, you will get the same results as before.
  3. What self-accountability system do you intend to use to make sure that you stay awake and on track beyond the first three weeks of the new year? Most New Year's resolutions evaporate after three weeks.
  4. What are your areas of weakness in sales and selling and what will you do to overcome them in the new year? Your biggest weakness is the one that you hold about yourself that keeps you from performing at or near your talent.
  5. What ongoing education and learning program have you established for yourself to ensure your continuing growth? If you're not growing, you're shrinking. That's a law of life.

Reflect and plan on these and other issues and areas of personal growth and behavior that will affect your success and achievement during 1999.

I wish you well in your endeavors. Wish me well in mine.

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Sales Tip and Practice
Put together your own goal list for 1999 and put it up on your bathroom mirror where you'll see it every day. If you are not clear as to what needs to be on your list, start with answers to the five questions above, and simple actions you will take to implement change.

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