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Aug 10-16, 1998

Think and Grow Rich Revisited

jack carrollby Jack Carroll

The legendary Napoleon Hill, advisor to two presidents and a friend of some of the richest and most famous people of the 20th Century, spent 20 years compiling the case histories and money-making methods contained in his book, Think and Grow Rich.

The story goes that Andrew Carnegie, the founder and great industrialist of U.S. Steel, commissioned Hill (with no pay) to research and write about the qualities and traits that made individuals and companies successful. Hill interviewed the best business minds of his generation and summarized his findings in 17 principles of personal success and achievement. Here are the 17 principles at the heart of his success philosophy:

  1. Definiteness of Purpose
  2. The Mastermind Principle
  3. Going the Extra Mile
  4. Accurate Thinking
  5. Self Discipline
  6. Applied Faith
  7. A Positive Mental Attitude
  8. A Pleasing Personality
  9. Personal Initiative
  10. Enthusiasm
  11. Controlled Attention
  12. Teamwork
  13. Learning from Adversity
  14. Creative Vision
  15. Budgeting Time and Money
  16. Maintaining Sound  Health
  17. Cosmic Habit Force

No need to reinvent the wheel folks. If you want to be successful in sales and in life, get the book, read it, and practice it. It's worked for thousands of people for a good part of this century, and it will work for you if you work it.

This is a classic, and great wisdom is never dated.

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Sales Tip and Practice
Look over the list of Hill's 17 principles listed above and make a snap judgment as to which you are in most need of improvement. Get the book from your library, a local bookstore, or and read and study what Hill has to say on the subject. Then put it into daily practice in your life for the next 30 days. After that, go on to number two on your list until you are transformed. Complicated, huh?

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