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Oct 5-11, 1998

How Much Is It Worth to You?

jack carrollby Jack Carroll

How much would it be worth for inspiration every day to be your best? To be lifted above the mundane world of deals and deadlines? To receive messages that help you operate consciously instead of spending your time on automatic pilot?

And even better, to get these messages 300+ days a year? Would it be worth $15? If it wouldn't, then you might consider another way of making a living than sales.

So, what am I trying to sell you? Absolutely nothing. I stopped trying to sell inexpensive information products and services on the web shortly after launching this site. It became apparent to me quickly that very few people were interested in spending even small amounts of money on refreshing glasses of water when they were floating in an ocean of free information.

But Ralph Marston hasn't thrown in the towel. He delivers inspirational, uplifting e-mail messages every working day for $15 a year. His service is called the Daily Motivator. $15 a year folks. The price of an expensive lunch or a cheap supper. What kinds of messages? Here's a random sampling of two recent columns:

And his stuff is this good every day.

So, what's in it for me? I am a paying subscriber and want you to support this wonderful service from Ralph Marston..., or it will go away, and I'll be back to "deals and deadlines" without the daily inspiration and motivation that this man provides.

So, get out those credit cards and find out what it's like to buy something in cyberspace. It might change your life forever.

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Sales Tip and Practice
You can beat him out of the $15 by tying a string around your finger and going to his web site every day and reading a message without paying anything. How badly do you want to save $15? Do yourself a favor and spend the $15.

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