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Oct 26-Nov 9, 1998

The Four Attributes of Great Salespeople

jack carrollby Jack Carroll

The October '98 issue of Selling Power Magazine lists the four most important attributes of great salespeople as integrity, personality, relationship savvy, and ability.

I have some problems with this list and would like to share my own top 4:

  1. My number 1 is the same—integrity. The fastest way to fall on your nose in sales is dishonesty with yourself or with customers. Violate this one and you're out there looking for new ones all the time—not an easy way to survive.
  2. Diligence—otherwise known as hard work. Tom Hopkins said it best several years ago when he observed that sales was either the highest paying hard work that anyone could engage in, or the lowest paying easy work.
  3. Resiliency—the ability to bounce back. Not take things personally. And keep on keeping on. There are lots of ups and downs in sales; it's wise to stay somewhere in the middle of the EQ (emotional quotient) if you want to be around at the end of the race.
  4. Intelligence—just the opposite of the old school stereotype of the mindless, doggedly determined salesperson. In my view, intelligence is more important than personality in building customer relationships. Well applied, it nurtures and sustains them.

The list of important attributes could go on, but for now I'll resist the urge and stand on these four.

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There is nothing more important to your success than a consistent value system. What are your values in business and what do you do to grow and prosper them in your life every day?

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