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Nov 9-22, 1998

Using the Wisdom of Others—Modeling Successful People

jack carrollby Jack Carroll

Modeling the actions of successful people is one of the most productive behaviors you can practice in sales. When all else fails, do things that people who are winning at the game are doing them, instead of being "original" and going through the mistake-ridden process practiced by most.

Fast Company Magazine's November, 1998 issue has great words of sales wisdom from twelve very successful people. Here are snapshots of six of them that really resonated with me:

The one thing I've learned from my experience
is that no matter what you sell, you've got to
sell satisfaction.

Stanley Marcus, 93-year old Chairman
Emeritus, Neiman Marcus

It's simple. Sell to people who want your
product. Ignore those who don't.

Guy Kawasaki, CEO,, former
Chief Evangelist, Apple Computer

Clients don't really care about your stuff. They care
about their stuff. The best salespeople are the best
communicators. They know what questions to
ask. They know how to probe an issue.

Mark Bozzini, CEO, Link Exchange (just sold
company to Microsoft for $250 million)

To make an impact, I create a bond of intimacy. I find out as
much as I can about the other person. I use that person's
name throughout the conversation. I speak slowly.
I make him or her feel like the most important
person in the world at that moment.

Judy George, Founder/CEO, Domain
Home Fashions

A great salesperson knows how to sell

Phil Guarascio, Vice President,
General Motors

Selling is not about peddling a product. It's about
wrapping that product in a service—and selling
both the product and service as an

Marilyn Carlson Nelson, President, CEO, Carlson Companies,
Inc. ($20 Billion in sales)

For the full text of these interviews and others, go to this link at Fast Company's excellent site:

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