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Nov 23-Dec 6, 1998

Giving Thanks on Thanks Giving Day

jack carrollby Jack Carroll

Ok. I'm not a practicing psychologist. I never even took Psychology 101 in school. But, running around the block for a few years has taught me a trick or two. And the most important trick of all is the one I've learned on "how to have a happy, productive life."

I will share it with you on this Thanksgiving, 1998. Are you ready? Here it is. Drum roll, please.

Be thankful for your good.

Here are five more words that absolutely lock it down:

Express your thanks to God.

Start doing it on Thanksgiving Day, and continue the practice every day during the rest of the year. Pick three things you are grateful for in your life right now. Begin the practice by making them relatively small and ordinary. Things that you would take for granted in "normal" states of self-centeredness and unconsciousness.

Here are my three graces for Thanksgiving Day, 1998:

I am grateful and give thanks for being alive and in excellent health this year and in doing the best work of my career. Thank you God.

I am grateful and give thanks for the beautiful places I live (Dana Point, CA) and work (Laguna Beach, CA), and for the grace in seeing immense natural beauty around me every day of the year. Thank you God.

I am grateful and give thanks for the honor and privilege of having all of you to write and share this message with on Thanksgiving, 1998. Thank you God. And thank you, Bulletin readers.

I wish you all a happy and grateful day.

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Sales Tip and Practice
Pause every day before your evening meal and give thanks for all of the good that happened to you during your work day. Every day is filled with good and not so good. That's the way it is. Acknowledge and give thanks for the "half-full cup" at this important dinner hour. And watch your life skyrocket.

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