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An early online retail success story and one of the most innovative companies selling on the web. They offer 2.5 million book titles and value-added services far beyond an ordinary bookseller. Find out how and why they are so valuable to sales and selling below.

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The link name on the site What it is The value to salespeople How you can use it to make your job better
Browse Subjects

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A directory of book subjects that will end up taking you to 4 different listings of best-selling books on sales and selling: General, Management, Techniques, and Telemarketing


  • Complete listings of all the best books available in specific sales categories
  • Best sellers in each category
  • Research
  • Sales training
  • Personal development & education
Individual Book Titles
  • Other similar titles
  • Synopsis
  • Reviews & Commentary
  • Table of Contents
  • Comparison shop subject matter
  • Understand content & approach
  • Find out what others think of it
  • Same as above
Search Tips

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The many, many ways that you can find what you are looking for at this monster site
  • Find books, CD-ROMs, videos, & audio tapes that are valuable to your research on sales subjects
  • Eliminate wasted time fumbling around
  • Self-education by broad subject matter category
  • Pinpoint searches by most effective method
Recommendation Center

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  • Recommendations based on previous purchases
  • Expand subject knowledge
  • Research
  • Training

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  • Individual Book Title Pages - Learn a great deal about the book title before committing to buy.
  • Classifications of Subject Matter - Ability To Browse 20 to 50 books on a sales category to find the best one.

Final Thoughts

If you want to see how selling is being done on the web by the best retail site out there, spend an hour at This is where its all going folks. If sales in the 21st Century is "adding customer value," here is an excellent example of how much value can be added to a simple retail sale. Why would you buy books, etc. anywhere else?


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