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Smart Business Supersite (SmartBiz) was designed with one clear mission: to be the single most important source of high-quality, "how-to" business information on the Internet. It includes large volumes of information on these important subjects: sales, Internet selling, telemarketing, and marketing.

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Browse SBS

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70 business subjects, including telemarketing, direct mail, research, startup business, & of course, sales (see below)


  • A wealth of information and resources: reports, articles, checklists, publications, associations, web sites, software, and more
  • Problem/solution reference information
Browse SBS Sales

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  • 166 articles, 30 reviews of sales books, & other resources
  • You'll deserve a Ph.D. in selling if you read, understand, practice, & apply the information you learn here
  • Research & answer immediate sales problems or issues
  • Individual or group training exercises
Trade Shows

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Locates trade shows by industry, city, and/or date
  • SmartBiz provides a summary of event descriptions, histories, exhibitors, & attendees, so that you will know where to best invest time


  • Allocating resources
  • Strategizing
Hot Tips

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Short, daily articles about things you need to know to succeed in business
  • Tells you how to improve & fine tune your business style and habits
  • Great way to start your day
Super Store

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Over 2000 books, newsletters, reports, & tapes for sale
  • Central location for buying a myriad of business products
  • Keeps SmartBiz in business so it can continue to provide you with its treasure of free resources


  • Find a report or audiotape you've heard of but didn't know where to find
  • Discover exclusive products

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SmartBiz Highlights
  • Browse SBS - Gateway to the Mother Lode of sales and other business resources.
  • Power Search - Use one of the many search engines to pinpoint the information you need.
  • Reminder Service - Interesting e-mail tickler service for the absent minded or disorganized among us.

Final Thoughts

Don't even think of surfing this site until you understand the map. SmartBiz is an ocean of information and you will drown if you swim out too far in uncharted waters. Start with "Sales," then go to other categories of interest like business on the Internet, telemarketing, startup business, etc. Not only is SmartBiz one of the best sales sites on the Internet, it is one of the 5 best sites for business information.


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