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Here is a site that will help explain why you're hearing so much buzz about customer relationship managment (CRM). CRM synthesizes (under a single software-driven system) the three principal areas of customer focused business processes: sales, marketing and customer service.

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On the Front Line

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and ePartner Insights

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• Email newsletters covering CRM and PRM (partner relationship management)

• A searchable archive of past newsletters

• Keep up to date on vendors and solution providers in different markets

• Guest articles provide questions you need to ask yourself before considering CRM implementation

• Use links to find current news across the web

• Search archive to trace a vendor's trajectory over past 2 years


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• A discussion group for CRM, moderated and sent weekly to subscribers in digest format

• A searchable archive of previous digests


• Pose questions to and share insights with a community of people involved in CRM implementation issues

• Vendor neutral

• Get input on solutions from those that have already compared dozens of products themselves

CRM.Talk Gurus

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• A panel of experts in different specialty areas that you can pose questions to

• Free and relatively quick answers from CRM experts to pressing questions

• Your question might also be posted to the CRM.Talk digest for further points of view and elaboration


• Get the goals of your project in focus

• Get feedback on a vendor

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  • The CRM.Talk Gurus are passionate about what they do; I've gotten answers to my questions—sometimes lengthy responses—within an hour
  • Bob Thompson's writing in On the Front Line and ePartner Insights is concise and easily digestible.
  • The moderated format of CRM.Talk keeps the discussion focused on valuable informational content. There are no flame wars here nor pitches from vendors.

Final Thoughts's interactive features make it more than a repository for information on customer relationship management; it is where definitions of CRM, customer value, and loyalty are being constructed, deconstructed, and reconstructed.


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