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For over 80 years, Dartnell has published training tools consisting of audio programs, videos, books, training guides, and newsletters. Their first rate products deal with selling techniques, sales management, customer service, leadership, motivation, self development, relationships, success, and achievement.

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Sales Training Products

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Newsletters on overcoming objections, salesmanship, successful closing techniques, & new account selling


  • Four pages of new and proven ideas on traditional sales fundamentals delivered every 2 weeks
  • Skills training review
  • To learn the basics
Sales & Marketing Executive Report

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A newsletter that provides sales & marketing executives with practical information and tips to help them succeed at the highest level
  • Avoid trial & error experimentation
  • Keep abreast of the field
  • Proven sales ideas & strategies
  • Best practices information
Online Store

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152 products in 3 different categories: sales & marketing, customer service & quality, and teamwork & human resources. Take note of the classics.
  • Learn or review all aspects of sales, selling, & sales management


  • Self training
  • Formal group training
  • Discussions

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Dartnell Highlights
  • The Dartnell product catalog of sales and sales management books, audio and video tapes, and practical workbooks is the best in the sales and selling field.
  • Probably the best stable of writers and sales trainers in the selling field, including Tony Alessandra, Ken Blanchard, Jim Pancero, Anthony Parinello, Brian Tracy, and Danielle Kennedy.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to blocking and tackling, nobody, but nobody, beats Dartnell. And no other company has their publishing commitment to the field of sales and selling. How many companies do you know that are 80 years old and on the web holding their own in a Top 25 lineup?


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