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Here lie the remnants of a magazine, Entrepreneurial Edge, that created some of the best sales content the web ever saw. The print magazine is no more, but much of the content created for it is still here, a site self-described as an "impartial digital reference library" for growing businesses.

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The feature's name on the site What it is The value to salespeople How you can use it
Customers Business Builders

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• Long, detailed articles and training modules on specific sales issues, skills, and techniques

• Many include worksheets

• Further topical reference material in the form of books and governmental agencies.

• Modules and checklists to enforce your own follow up on the material


• Learn how to follow up, close, and write sales letters and proposals


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A feature for searching everything on the site

• If you're very specific (i.e., search by industry or selling skill), it will return excellent results


• Find everything the site has to offer not included in the business builders (above)
EE Direct

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News and interviews related to any of 5 industry sectors delivered free to your e-mail every 2 weeks


• Keep up with the latest news affecting your products and markets

• Learn the forward-thinking strategies of successful small business owners


• Improve management skills

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Entrepreneurial Edge Highlights
  • The articles and business builders, though not updated weekly as in the past, are still the best available on sales skills and techniques.
  • Everything linked to from this site—books, articles, other sites—is of the highest educational quality, having met Entrepreneurial Edge's strict guidelines.

Final Thoughts

The Customers link in the left hand column will return far too many search hits. Go to the search page and do a manual, highly targeted search for better results, or look through our skills and techniques links for great resources from Entrepreneurial Edge.


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