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Top 25 Internet Sales Discussion List
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The I-Sales Discussion List is a forum on every conceivable aspect of selling on the Internet by people who are actually doing it (or trying). It is moderated and compiled by John Audette, who sends it in digest format daily. If you are thinking about selling your products or services on the web, there is no resource anywhere to equal I-Sales in terms of bulk content. Sorting that content out is another matter.

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I-Sales Highlights
  • Moderator Comment (near the top of each digest) - Written by Audette; usually contains predictions or information about where e-commerce is headed, allowing you to devise appropriate strategies and avoid common mistakes.
  • Featured Posts and Continuing Discussion (the body of each digest) - Covers the details of selling online. Recurring themes: building web brand awareness, using signature files to generate leads, web site customer service nuts and bolts, selling to customers outside the United States, and many more. Often explores the changes occurring to the sales profession due to e-commerce.
  • Bulletin Board (near the bottom of each digest) - Job openings are often posted here. Why? Because companies are looking for reps acquainted with the issues discussed on the list. This is the effective way to find jobs on the Internet—networking.

Final Thoughts

Be one of the over 16,000 people that are inventing the Internet as a medium for selling by reading and participating in this discussion. Put on your reading glasses; I-Sales comes at you every day—rain or shine—and it is easy to fall behind and never catch up.


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