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Timothy Bednarz
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Timothy Bednarz' Brass Tacks Newsletter may have an old-fashioned sounding name, but contains insights on new paradigms of selling and is full of skills and techniques tips. The site also features several of Bednarz' affordable sales training and learning products.

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Brass Tacks Newsletter

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Periodically published articles on selling skills, techniques, and philosophy
  • Keep up with the latest surveys and research affecting your job
  • Learn effective strategies for cold calling
  • Get a feel for Bednarz before buying the training products offered here


  • Self training
  • Peer training


Sales & Marketing Archive

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More articles on customer service, motivation, and sales skills, tips, & techniques
  • Find out about the "changing sales landscape" as the century closes
  • Learn new listening skills


  • Same as above
Product Catalog

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Audio/videotapes, manuals, and workbooks in the following categories: customer service, presentation skills, strategic sales skills, tactical sales skills, and more
  • Learn the keys of sales success
  • Digestible format


  • Learning, teaching, and training
  • Self education and motivation
Power by the Hour Training Program

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Training modules delivered monthly on the subjects of strategic sales skills, customer focused sales skills, team building, and four more
  • Generic but cost-effective training for small sales forces
  • Flexible
  • Training

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Let's Talk Selling Highlights
  • Archives - All articles on this site are one click away from this well organized page.

Final Thoughts

Solid information and tools. The products look promising.


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