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Yours truly. How could we list the best sites on the web for sales and selling and leave ourselves out? Not a very objective opinion, but we know that we belong. The Top 25 format gives us an excellent opportunity to point out all of the value that is here at our site for anyone who sells for a living. Have fun.

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The link name on the site What it is The value to salespeople How you can use it to make your job better
300+ Links for Salespeople

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Information, tools, & resources for sales & selling in 17 different categories of subject matter
  • Saves time looking for useful sales sites & features at those sites
  • Uncovers resources that never would have otherwise been found
  • Organizes in logical categories
  • Self study & training material
  • Refresher material in pre-call planning
  • Researching new business & fresh prospects
  • Finding own custom info on the web


Top 25 Sales Sites

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Write ups on the 25 best sites on the web for sales & selling in a convenient, easy to understand table format
  • Go right to the best of the best
  • Easy to grasp & understand what's valuable
  • Specific links at the site & why they are valuable


  • Write ups on how the information can be used
  • Quick research
  • Bookmark the best sites for ready reference
SalesLinks Bulletin


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  • Weekly column by Jack Carroll, a seasoned teacher and salesperson
  • Potpourri about sales & selling facts, issues, opinions, humor, & advice
  • Perspective on the sales profession
  • Coaching
  • E-mail version is convenient
  • Build knowledge & expertise on the profession
  • Implement the tips, guidance, & advice to sell better
Major Accounts Bulletin

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Monthly column on major account selling in high tech companies
  • The best free information you'll find on the subject
  • Learn the ropes of major account selling
  • Get specific ideas for your major accounts programs


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SalesLinks Highlights
  • Top 25 format and write ups are easy to grasp and get value from.
  • SalesLinks Bulletin archives - Spend the better part of an hour here and see if you can't find something controversial.

Final Thoughts

We are honored to be in such good company. We are fulfilled if you get great value from the site and make a lot more money through use of the tools, resources, and information.


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