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Siebel Systems

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Sales.com is Siebel's ambitious attempt to create a site that salespeople will use daily to access web-based applications, tools, and information. Most of the features below are located in the "My Desktop" part of the site; you'll need to register first before you can use them.

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The feature's name on the site What it is The value to salespeople How you can use it
Sales Tools

• A group of contact and process management tools

• Day runner/to do list

• Ability to customize the sales process; you decide on the number, chronological order, definitions, and importance of each stage for each "opportunity"

• Free alternative to software


• Track accounts while traveling with no special software besides a browser

Sales Prospector

• Lead generation tool with 11 million company names and 15 million contact names (for purchase)

• Inexpensive

• Integrated with the "sales tools" above; seamlessly drop prospects into you sales process


• Refine your search by industry, geography, and business characteristics
My Briefings

• Research tool for finding out what's being reported in the news about any company

• Available by email


• Track your company, accounts, competitors, and "watch list" (prospects) • Starting your day by reading the email may help your cold calling efforts
Skills Library

• Skills, techniques, and career tips and features written by Graham Denton, Miller-Heiman, yours truly (Jack Carroll), and others.


• Expert advice from multiple experts compiled in one place • Get Denton's daily tips via email and implement them immediately

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Sales.com Highlights
  • This is an very useful site backed by a company that will probably always strive to make it even better.
  • It's refreshing to see a CRM vendor put out a web site like this without resorting to product pitches and tie ins. You have to dig pretty deep to even find out that Siebel is behind this.

Final Thoughts

The site also has an assortment of career resources, shopping, maps, weather, community, and free email that are certainly not unique services, but nonetheless support Sales.com's bid to be "one-stop shopping" for salespeople on the web.


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