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SMEI is an association of sales and marketing executives in which people meet, learn, and exchange leading-edge strategies. Membership in SMEI provides you with excellent opportunities to improve your sales and marketing organizational management skills through useful workshops, newsletters, events, and discussions.

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Links to targeted sales & marketing resources & information
  • The ability to search through a half-a-million sales & marketing documents to access the latest information in seconds from the Top 100 indexed & updated sources


  • Sales research
  • Training resources
  • Case histories
  • Campaign reference material

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A database of most sought-after sales & marketing statistics
  • Useful numbers on compensation, sales increases, and hiring
  • See if you're being compensated fairly
  • To get a feel for sales professions and industries


Breaking News

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  • Links you to top news sources for up-to-the-minute information
  • Extensive listings of periodicals, books, magazines, journals, & online resources


  • Up to the minute sales & marketing news
  • Reference & information tools
  • Stay informed and up to date on business events & programs
  • Research training, programs, and best practices

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SMEI Highlights

Final Thoughts

A mighty sales resource to be appreciated and used. Forums will be some of the best if interest perks up.


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