SalesLinks Top 25 Sites on the Web
for Sales and Selling

In no particular order...

Note that due to some site closures there may be less than 25 sites listed. We're currently deciding whether to reduce our award name or find sites to complete the 25. NEW!
Useful web-based applications from Siebel NEW!

Learn what customer relationship management implies for sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

Business by Phone

Art Sobczak's clearinghouse of information on telesales.

The Daily Motivator
The best thing you could do today is read what Ralph Marston has to say.
Hoover's Online
Everything you ever wanted to know about almost any company.
Alan Zell, Ambassador of Selling
Great sales thoughts and attitudes from a great salesman.
Entrepreneurial Edge
High-quality articles on almost every sales and marketing subject.
A simple, powerful tool that could impact your sales totals in a big way.
American Management Association
The very best generic sales training in the field.
Selling Power Magazine
Lots of information, tools and resources from the best print magazine dedicated to sales and selling.
Internet Sales Discussion List
Lively and informative discussions with the people who are making things happen on the web.
Sales and Marketing Executives International
Vast selling resources from one of the most important organizations in sales.
Let's Talk Selling
Great sales tips from the Brass Tacks Newsletter and affordable sales learning products.
May we be so bold as to suggest that we belong here in the best of the web for sales and selling?
What Color Is Your Parachute?
Job and career tips from Dick Bolles.
Dartnell Corporation
80 years young and still going strong.
How in the world could a bookstore be a sales site? Find out here. One of the best.
Wilson Web Internet Services
This is the place to find out about Internet marketing and e-commerce.
Marketplace One-to-One
The way of one to one relationships with customers. Welcome to the 21st Century.

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