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Any sites out there that help in finding a great sales job?

Why not try In the career and jobs category we show you 8 different job bank links for sales jobs. Better yet, pick up the phone and call the head of sales in the company that you would most like to work for and tell them that you would love to work there in sales, and will make them a hero if you do. You are in sales. So prove that you can sell, by selling your way in. If you do that successfully and professionally you'll get my job and the job of almost every client I have ever worked for.

See the Feb. '99 SalesLinks Bulletin, How to win a six-figure sales position


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Links last verified 01.Oct.2000.

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Job banks

Cruel World for Sales. Free and targeted to the sales profession. Confidentially find sales job opportunities that match your skills, interests, and salary requirements.

SalesSeek. Employment site focusing on the sales and marketing professions.

NationJob Network. Over 3000 jobs on last visit, all listed on a single page. Warning: no dates are given for listings. Over 2000 sales jobs nationwide. About 50 new sales and sales management positions listed every day. Listings are fresh.

America's Job Bank. Over 32,000 U.S. sales jobs on last visit. Once you refine geographically and by position, the results are manageable. No listing dates are given but recent ones (within 7 days) are marked with a star.

Career Mosaic. About 60 new listings a day for sales jobs. Listings are fresh.

Career Mosaic Sales Management. In association with Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, Career Mosaic runs a special site and job search for sales managment positions. Over 300 recently posted sales jobs in the Los Angeles area alone.



Sales Salaries. By state and by job title—very useful.

S & M Management Salaries. Abstract of a report by Abbott-Langer.

Relocation Salary Calculator. Great tool for negotiating for a job that requires a move.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Salary negotiation tips.

Compensating salespeople. Salaries and quotas in the ISP industry from ISP World.


More resources (sales specific)

Sales & Marketing Management Magazine
Career Center
. This area was under construction in mid-February. Hopefully it's open by now.

Princeton Review. The inside scoop on the service sales profession: daily life, paying your dues, and quality of life two years out, five years out, and ten years out. Invaluable for those considering sales.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Sales Occupation Profile. Similar as above. Working conditions, job outlook, earnings, and more. (Sales management description.)

How to Hire a Sales Staff. A treatise complete with a hiring checklist. Job seekers—use this information to find out how smart companies go about creating an effective sales force. You may figure out how to get hired by them.

American Management Association. Bibliography of career resources: handbooks, encyclopedias, and guides.


More resources (general)

Fortune's 100 Best Companies To Work For. In 1998 the average company on this list added 724 jobs but received 19,000 applications.

Forbes' 200 Best Small Companies. You can look over their list by rank, state, industry, or alphabetically.

Hoover's Top Employers. Largest and fastest-growing employers. Cross reference these companies with those found on the two sites above, and you've got yourself some strong prospects.

Hoover's Career Center. Find out the positives and negatives of working for specific companies and insider secrets for landing jobs with them. There is even a message board for some companies. What could be better for networking?

What Color is Your Parachute?. Look here for Dick Bolles' Internet job hunting tips before investing your time and money on job boards and resume posting.

Ask the Headhunter. Learn how to beat the system and get a job with the right employer for you.

Money's Best Places To Live. Your ideal job may not be located where you currently live. You plug in your priorites—Money tells you your ideal city.

America's Career InfoNet. "A comprehensive source of occupational and economic information to help you make informed career decisions."

Riley Guide. Comprehensive guide to job hunting on the Internet, with a section on sales and marketing.

Resume Tutor. Resume-writing guide and aid.


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