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New Internet users Note: The links in this category are no longer maintained for quality and accuracy, and this page is no longer linked to the rest of the SalesLinks site. It remains on the server in the hope that someone might find it useful. For more links (ones that are actively verified), see the SalesLinks links page.


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Links last verified 18-Aug-99.

Glossary of Terms. I wish I had found this earlier.

Beginners Central. Great outline of topics for getting acquainted with the Internet.

CNET's Speed Tweaks. 14 tips for helping your navigation through the Internet go faster.

Everything E-mail. Learn the terminology, procedures, and protocols of e-mail.

10 Internet Myths. A must read for everyone.

Microsoft Network's Internet Tutorial. Biased toward teaching the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Surprised?

Finding a Decent Internet Service Provider. Read comments about dozens of ISPs posted by people just like you.

Folks Online. Community of new users share their excitement about being online.

Technology Terminology Dictionary. Free software application for beginners and advanced users (477k download).

HotWired Web 101. A regular feature about some aspect of using the web. Check out the archives.

Hobbes' Internet Timeline. It all started in the 1960's, not 1995.

Netiquette Guide. Learn proper etiquette for interacting on the web.

Netsurfer Digest. "More signal, less noise." Weekly e-zine on sites of interest. "Cyber course" tutorials for new users.

Newbie-U. Courses on the web, e-mail, FTP, IRC, and Usenet.

Public Broadcasting Service. Feature on understanding and using the Internet.

Yahoo Internet Life Surf School. Surf lingo, surf stories, and "ask the surf guru."


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