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Art Sobczak

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Art Sobczak is a leading speaker, writer, and teacher on telemarketing and using the phone to sell. He has built an effective site that combines pitches for his products and services with enough valuable, free information to keep you occupied for hours.

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The feature's name on the site What it is The value to salespeople How you can use it
Telesales Tips of the Week

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• Archive of several dozen tips

• A subscription form to receive weekly tips for free

• Short and to the point

• Serve as an introduction to Art's philosophy

• Learn how to engage prospects in dialogue and reduce their defensiveness

• Manage time efficiently by recognizing when someone isn't qualified

Telesales Talk

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An active, threaded discussion group on every aspect of telesales • Pose questions to and share insights with a community of people that uses the phone to sell • Find ways of coping with burnout

• Fine tune a methodology for getting to a difficult-to-reach prospect Store

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• Books, tapes, and reports on telesales and managment by Art Sobczak and others • Wisdom from the brightest in the profession will help increase your bottom line • Training several employees

• Self-learning

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Business by Phone Highlights
  • A good example using the web to sell. Art has so mastered the art of pitching his books, reports, and seminars that I barely recognize them as advertisements.
  • Telesales Talk is sufficiently valuable and active to add to your list of bookmarks.

Final Thoughts

I've subscribed to Art's newsletter for several months now and rarely delete them after reading them. I find his tips applicable to all interpersonal—not just selling—relationships. If you subscribe to any free newsletter (other than our own here at SalesLinks), make this it.


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