Amazon is Very Big for Sales

jack carroll by Jack Carroll

We recently discovered that the majority of the readers of this newsletter find it and subscribe after visiting the SalesLinks website and then rarely, if ever, go back to the site to explore the many valuable links that are listed there.

So, I have decided to share with you some of the valuable information that is pointed out there, especially in the section known as The Top 25—my admittedly subjective 25 best sites for sales and selling on the web. My emphasis, as always, will be on the pragmatic—that which will be useful to you or a good tool for you to explore and use in your professional sales career, especially if you operate in the arena of direct selling of technology products to business customers.

We'll start this week with one of my favorite and most underrated sales sites: I can hear the groans now.—a sales site?

Let me show you a very important way that can be valuable to you in sales learning and research by exploring its listing on what I consider to be the best book written on professional selling in the last year, from one of the best writers in the field: Rethinking the Sales Force by Neil Rackham (co authored by John Devincentis).

Here's a list of the information you will find at the extended web page at Amazon on this excellent book:

  1. Listings and links on four other sales books in the same general subject area.
  2. Audio and video tapes available on the general subject matter.
  3. Editorial information from Amazon on the book including: an overview, synopsis of content, notes from the back cover, and brief comments from the author.
  4. Five customer reviews which include interactive response forms which allow you, the reader to give your opinion on the value of the review.
  5. References to the books of 5 other subject-compatible authors with direct links to their complete works, in and out of print.
  6. And finally, links to books on seven other related sales subjects that would appeal to people interested in this book.

For additional tips on the many ways you can use for sales learning, research, and personal development, visit the Top 25 writeup on the SalesLinks website, where you'll find a review and table. We think you will find it extremely valuable. And, by the way, SalesLinks has no affiliate program with and no other financial incentive to recommend the site. Our choices of Top 25 sites may be quirky, but they're objective.

We just think Amazon is very big for sales.

Until next time, have a great time selling and have some fun along the way. It makes things so much easier.


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