Closing — It's What Distinguishes Sales From Everything Else

jack carroll by Jack Carroll

Why is closing so important in sales and selling? Because it (asking for and getting commitment) is what separates sales from customer service and everything else in business.

Whoever asks for and gets commitment is in sales. Whoever doesn't, isn't. If you can ask for commitment, you can make a lot of other mistakes in sales and still be very successful. And that's leverage.

Closing is not beating somebody over the head with a 2X4 until they finally say "Yes, I'll buy." Not unless you are working for the outfit or the Gestapo. If you're in a business-to-business sales environment or a consumer sales role where repeat business and referrals are important, you'd better hold back on the strong arm stuff or you'll spend your short lifetime in sales always looking for new customers—a tough road.

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So, lay off the mental manipulation and the heavy handed shenanigans. But you must ask for commitment once the need, problem, fear, or desire has been established. Why? Because that's what brings things to a head and demands that a disposition or status be brought out on the table.

What status? Where they stand in relation to your product or solution. Are they positive and in agreement that buying your product is a good thing? Then close. Are they negative or neutral? Find out which and either clear up the misunderstanding, or your miscommunication, and then ask for commitment again.

Or, accept that they are not a good candidate for what you are selling and move on to someone who is. In either case, don't beat them over the head when they are in a negative or neutral posture. Find out why by asking them directly, and then re-educate and motivate them, or move on down the line to someone else that you can be of genuine value to.

This nonsense about getting 10 "no's" in a single sales encounter and coming back for more is just that, nonsense. It doesn't work now and it never did. Not in the majors.


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