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Jun 1-7, 1998

A Foolproof Plan To Achieve Success in Any Undertaking

jack carrollby Jack Carroll

For the last two weeks I have been writing about a foolproof success plan that takes place in five steps.

I elaborated on a model action plan which guarantees your success in any undertaking: annual sales goals, new clients, career goals or status, personal relationships, your children's goals and direction, etc.

All that is necessary to have it work, and make any project successful, is follow the plan from start to finish and not get impatient or interrupt its implementation and unfoldment.

At the suggestion of several subscribers, I am presenting here this week in The Sideline column, the summary and wrap-up article that was sent out to subscribers on the last day of the last article in the series.

A very brief overview and summary of the five steps of the plan:

  • Decision - Decide exactly and in great detail exactly what you want to get from any situation.
  • Commitment - Commit to doing everything within your power to bring the decision into reality.
  • Action - Plan objectives and "activate" the decision into reality.
  • Revision - Track and evaluate the results of your actions and revise plan elements based on new those new realities.
  • Persistence - Do not under any circumstances abandon your original decision until it has manifested as a reality in your life. Modify it but never abandon it.

Having said all of that, let me now tell you that all of the above is totally worthless and useless unless and until it is put on "active status" in your life. If, while you were going through the various pieces and parts of this process you found yourself running mental scripts like "I've heard all of this before. Nothing new here," then ask yourself if it is "operational" in your own life?

Every time you are involved in an important campaign, sale, personal mission, or any other significant single event in your business or personal life, are you actively employing this or a similar process? If the answer is yes, then this has been an excellent review which may have taught you one or two enhancements to your own process.

If the answer is no, then get your butt in gear, or resign yourself to a life of mediocre results and outcomes. You see, my unique contribution to the formula is reminding you about your issues in this important area of successful living until you acknowledge your own reality and take positive action. That's what helps me stay on top of my own implementation problems and live a more productive life of service. Thanks for your help.

Have a wonderful week selling. And have some fun along the way.

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Sales Tip and Practice
Practicing Attitudes Regarding a Success Plan

"I have tolerated less than excellent results in my life and my work for too long. From this day forward, I will discipline myself by using this 5-step success plan in every important undertaking in my life. I begin today by implementing it in the following important event that is imminent in my life...."

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