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Jun 15-21, 1998

Self Esteem for Sales—A Pop Quiz

jack carrollby Jack Carroll

We all know about the importance of self esteem in our lives. Here is an overview of what self esteem is all about, a summary of important practices, and some key questions you can ask yourself to examine where you might need work.

There are two major components of self esteem: self-competence and worthiness.

  • Do we see ourselves as being up to the challenges of various areas of our lives?
  • Do we think we are worthy of goodness—including success?

To achieve a high level of self esteem and experience the reality of these two components, we need to practice six behaviors below that are from The Six Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden:

  • Self awareness—the practice of living reflectively and with mindfulness.
  • Self-acceptance—refusing to be in a negative or adversarial relationship with myself.
  • Self-responsibility—understanding that I am personally accountable for my decisions, actions, and the attainment of my goals.
  • Self assertiveness—honoring my own needs and values and expressing them openly.
  • Living purposefully—using my powers to achieve worthy goals.
  • Personal integrity—behaving in ways that are congruous with my own knowledge and judgment.

From a practical point of view, here is the pop quiz:

  • Am I aware and awake to opportunity in my chosen profession: sales?
  • Do I accept myself and my fundamental strengths and weaknesses?
  • Am I honest with myself regarding my talents and abilities?
  • Am I confident in expressing them openly?
  • Do I have a well thought out, written goals plan?
  • Do I take responsibility for things when they don't go right or do I look for a scapegoat or excuse?
  • Am I honest with my manager? Fellow salespeople? Other company employees when discussing business?
  • How do I communicate with customers and prospects? Do I manipulate or do I dialogue?
  • Do I tell customers the truth, even when it is so uncomfortable that I might lose the sale?

Don't forget that "self esteem is the reputation that we have with ourselves." And there is no single factor in life that more strongly determines our happiness or success than the reputation that we have with ourselves.

Have a wonderful week selling. And have some fun along the way.

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Sales Tip and Practice
What is my biggest problem or issue in the area of self esteem and what can I do about it? What actions can I take to keep it from getting in the way of my success as it has in the past? (Suggestion: Read "The Six Pillars of Self Esteem" by Nathaniel Branden for practical exercises in all of the above areas.)

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