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Jul 6-12, 1998

#2. Personal and Professional Organization

jack carrollby Jack Carroll

The second cornerstone skill of sales and selling is personal and professional organization. Organization skills apply to planning and managing your life and actions most effectively.

Crucial among these are goal setting, time management, and territory (job function) management. These constitute the framework around which all sales action takes place.

The old myth of the salesperson as a disorganized, unprepared charmer rolling through customers' lives is dated and untrue. Today, the people at the top of the board at the end of the year are the ones who are focused, prepared, organized, and operating from a plan.

For what it is worth, when I work with a new client company, I always seek out the top producing salesperson for input. Almost without exception, I find someone who is exceptionally strong in the area of organization. They are role models for others in organizing their lives and careers.  (They are also very likeable and open, but that is another subject for another day.)

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Sales Tip and Practice
Ask yourself for evidence of your own seriousness. Ask yourself for your written plan detailing what you want to do and accomplish during this year. Ask yourself for your written territory coverage plan detailing how you will process and write business from your opportunities. Remind yourself that until you have one you are not really all that serious about your job.

P.S. If you keep telling yourself that you don't manage your time effectively, sign up for a course in time management.

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