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Jul 20-27, 1998

#4. Relationship Building

jack carrollby Jack Carroll

The fourth cornerstone skill of sales and selling is relationship building. This sophisticated approach to selling involves both personal and professional skills in building customer relationships. It is designed to enhance the quality and prolong the term of the connection between you and your customer.

Personal relationship-building skills are used to cement and bind customer friendship, trust, credibility, rapport building, and in general, make the buyer look and perform well in the association.

Professional relationship-building skills consist of adding significant value to the customer's business, contributing toward reduced costs or increased profitability, and working to guarantee their business success. These are, of course, essential in any selling situation that involves a volume of repeat business, especially in major account selling.

Personally, I can also tell you that it is much easier and more fun to deal with someone in a business relationship that you know and value personally and whose satisfaction you are committed to. It also makes it easier to sleep at night.

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Sales Tip and Practice
How are your relationships with your customers? Do you ask them regularly how you can be of greater value to them in the relationship? While you're at it, give them permission to tell you the single most irritating thing that you or your company does or doesn't do to hurt the relationship.

Go ahead. Ask. What are you afraid of? Oh? You already know. Imagine that.

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