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The Mining Company’s marketing site will help guide you through the sometimes overwhelming mounds of marketing information available on the web. It will also let you know what the experts are saying, where to go if you want to find out more, and let you share information and resources with each other.

Note: This site is no longer in our SalesLinks Top 25 and the site, links, and features below might no longer exist. This page remains on our server in the hope that someone might find it useful for some reason. For our current Top 25 Sites for Sales and Selling, click here.


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Mining Company Marketing
What is the link name on the site? What is presented here? What is the value to salespeople? How can you use it to make your job better?
Net Links An index of useful and/or entertaining net resources in marketing, organized in 10 useful categories


  • Online & offline marketing advice
  • Miscellaneous marketing resources
  • Research
  • Knowledge for action
  • Find other resources
Features The most recent feature articles that appear new on the site every week
  • Good briefs or introductory articles on subject matter
  • Reference
  • Research
Events (Follow link then click on "Event" link) A well done monthly calendar of upcoming marketing & Internet events
  • Sharpen the ax
  • Network
  • Plan event attendance
Bulletin Boards Register and enter discussions on a variety of marketing topics & issues
  • Peer communication
  • Research
  • Eliminate errors
  • Save time & money
Site Highlights Summary

Feature articles are good, short abstracts for further research and study.

Calendar helps understand what’s coming up at a glance.

Quite a few good links in a wide variety of categories.


Get rid of the frames please. Why complicate an otherwise nice, straightforward resource site?

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