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April 1999 v1

Eating the SalesLinks Elephant...One Bite at a Time

jack carrollby Jack Carroll

I receive a great deal of correspondence in connection with this column. I value it. I have made many new friends and have learned a great deal more than I have taught, which I understand is not an uncommon phenomenon in the teaching profession, whether in school or in the business "classroom."

Some of the people I communicate with are not aware that there are enormous free information resources for sales and selling on the SalesLinks web site. I thought I would spend my time with you and point out what those resources are with the links where they can be found. Here they are:

300 Links in 17 different categories: skills and techniques; sales research; Internet selling; e-mail selling; searching sales information; sales leads; selling resources; online publishing; sales careers and jobs; teachers, gurus, and fun folks; personal development; sales technology; sales philosophy; sales discussion groups; motivation & inspiration; personal development; business travel; and new Internet users tips. Our two most popular categories are "skills and techniques" and "sales leads." Our two least visited are "new Internet users" and "business travel."

Top 25 Sales Sites: My own subjective view of the 25 most valuable sites on the web for sales and selling. They are in no particular order of importance although my personal favorite is Sales Doctors. Take a look at the valuable "tour guide tables" that we have put together to help you navigate the Top 25 sites.

SalesLinks Bulletin Archives: Contains all of the SalesLinks Bulletins that we have published for the last year. For readers who can't get enough of them.

Major Accounts Bulletin: For those of you in technology selling (or who want to be) these articles will be an invaluable resource. And they are free for the taking.

About Mentor Associates: And last but not least, everything that you did or didn't ever want to know about yours truly who both teaches and learns from it all.

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Sales Tip and Practice

The next time you are faced with some new challenge in your work, do some research at SalesLinks and find out how others can help you with your situation. Learning is growing and growing is the essence of life's joy and rewards. Dig around and have some fun uncovering new (to you) answers to old questions.

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