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Peppers & Rogers Group
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One-to-one marketing means treating customers differently according to their specific needs and building long-term relationships with them. Don Peppers and Martha Rogers have put together a site full of information and tools for putting 1 to 1 to work in a variety of situations that will be of great value to salespeople with their customers.

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The link name on the site What it is The value to salespeople How you can use it to make your job better
Four Steps To Implementing 1to1

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The steps individuals or companies must go through to practice one-to-one relationships
  • Excellent customer selling models
  • Examples to emulate


  • To understand & practice the principles that build sales
  • Self training
  • Peer training


60 Second Overviews

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Sound bites on most important aspects of 1 to 1
  • Digestible snapshots that are easy to understand and learn


  • To communicate & educate peers & customers
Success Stories

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Examples of 1 to 1 marketing in action
  • Learn by example
  • Avoid trial & error
  • Modeling
  • Inspiration


  • Evangelizing
  • Learning & teaching
  • Self education

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Weekly e-zine back issues Deep resources for study and education
  • Research
  • Training

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Marketplace 1 to 1 Highlights

Final Thoughts

This is the future of selling, folks..., where distinctions between marketing, sales, and customer service merge in two words called customer satisfaction. Get with it or you're a dinosaur in Century 21.


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