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How good are your sales communications?

Marketing tells sales what customer to talk to and what message to deliver to that customer. Sales figures out how to open the door and communicate that message clearly and persuasively. Here are some vital questions you need to ask regarding customer communications messages and media in your company:

  • What is your product? What does it do? Why is that valuable? How is it used? And who, like your target customer is using it? In what way? Can your salespeople express this clearly?
  • What is it about you or your product that differentiates you from your competition?
  • What issues does your customer wrestle with that causes them to investigate or buy your products? What are their three key issues? (Everything else comes out of this one.)
  • Who are the buying influences that are involved in the decision making process about your products? What are their hot buttons? How do you know where each one of them stands during the evaluation or purchasing process?
  • Are you using effective communications media like email selling and the web to communicate with prospects and customers?
  • Are you conducting a real customer survey at least once a year to find out how happy they are and where they are having problems in doing business with you?
  • 18 more aspects of sales communications are examined and evaluated in our "Sales Situation Assessment" for new clients

May we help you with clear communication?

Can we help you with any aspect of a keynote speech, strategy, or training in your company? Ask us for our recommendations or a needs analysis—no cost or obligation. Contact Amanda Hooper of Mentor Associates at 888-773-9712 or for more information.

Here are a few of our programs in improved sales communication. [click here>>]



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